What The Hell Is Bitcoin And How Can You Start Earning From The Financial Revolution That Happening Right NOW
Plus How This Coin Can Give You The LIFE STYLE YOU DREAMED OF?
From Dr. Richard Gibs | PHD. Economics | Crypto Trader | May 2018

Do you know Bitcoin is considered by many "The Coin Of The Future"?

Even Bitcoin became the HOT Thread to talk about and it's not going
down from the news, many people, including people with financial experience or
investments, do not understand deeply what is Bitcoin and how it is really works.

* Sidenote: if you bought bitcoin on 2011, you will be making 15,000% on your money! *

If in the Beggining of his way bitcoin considered an illusion that far from reality or temporary trend, even today the governments of the world, investors and corporate companies started to notice and think what to do with the coin and how it should be taken care.

Why everyone suddenly taking Bitcoin seriously...?

Because since 2013 we saw a HUGE jump on the value of Bitcoin, that went from value of ILS46.69 to value of ILS3,950.79 on the start of 2017.

BUT, the value of Bitcoin continue going up without any breaks and conquer new mountain tops. In the end of 2017 Bitcoin was worth an unbelivable ammount of ILS71,832.61 !

With those numbers no one could miss the Bitcoin that became the center of the media talks. It's one of the most profitable investments that you could make today.

Everybody understand that the bitcoin is much more than a cheap marketing gimick,
and we talking about a real legit coin and real payment method.

We all heard this rumor that it is "only digital money" that doesen't have right to exist outside of the internet world. but what is exactly Bitcoin and how does it works?

If it is the first time you hear about the term digital currencies or you already exposed to the industry on the past and start reading about it so i'm here to help organize all the information you got.
The Race After The Bitcoin Is INSANE and the MADNESS around it continue to break records...so why do you insist continue watch it from the side and insist not to join NOW to the party...?

What is Bitcoin and How I Can Make Money With It...?
The Bitcoin is the beginning of GIANT ECONOMIC REVOULTION that you must be part of her. it's not not another trend that everyone will forgot about it in a short time or in a complicated fonzy scam that created to take innocent people money that looking for a short term profits.

The Bitcoin is the greatest innovation of the 21st century that trying to create new economics without boundries, countries, politics and taking advantage of high comissions of the banks.

It's doesent have a connection to any Goveremnt, country or company.
The target of the Bitcoin is to enable direct and instant financial transcations that doesen't need 3rd part interveration like bank or credit card company and it doesen't involve fat comissions.

The usage of the Bitcoin is based on the Blockchain technlogy that used for documentation, registration and secrutiy of every transcation that happening with bitcoins.

The Blockchan is used for registration of all the digital currency transcations and by that it's functioning as a general account book.

Every used that have a copy of the transactions log can follow after the transactions and check the balance of Bitcoin on his account.

The system working on a way that 3rd party can never change something on the log, make a new transcation, change data or make "Double Transcation".
Every transcation is encrpyted and secured on TOP level. the Blockchain method enable to verify every transcation and know exactly where is the money on each moment.

No one can touch your bitcoins without you knowing that or without your permission.

Contrarty to all the false rumors, Bitcoin is the safest and most reliable currency we have on earth right now.

Unlike Gold, The Quantity of Bitcoin Is LIMITED and It's Not Possible to Produce More 
Than 21 Million Bitcoins.
"Alright Richard, I understand it's the currency of the future, but what can I do with it today...?"

You can take advantage of the bitcoin to pay and purchase products - mostly on the internet, but not only.

On the last years, more and more companies adopt the Bitcoin as a payment method that they accept. 

when a big corporate company like Subway offer to pay for the sandwiches that they serve on bitcoin, it's whos us that the Bitcoin revolution is gaining momentum and NOW it's time that you need to change your approach for Bitcoin.

It's time to wake up and understand once and for all that Bitcoin is a REAL MONEY. 

Except of a easy and comfortable payment method, the digital currency let you make instant money transfers without crazy comission and unreasonbale waiting time.

With a few button clicks you can transfer money from everyplace on the world at anytime.

The groundbreaking digital currency make you life MUCH MORE SIMPLE and let you make transcations and trasnfer money on the FASTEST and easiest way ever seen on the world.

Plus, before 2 years the mission to find a business that accept bitcoins was almost impossible, but today you can find huge coporations from a variety of industries that will let you pay with Bitcoins.

Even the big coupon companies let their customers to pay with Bitcoins, meaning you can use your Bitcoins to buy from THOUSANDS of stores that doesen't accept the currency directly.

"Sounds Interesting. But Tell Me, Who Are You? And How You Going To Help Me Start Profiting
 From Today...?"

Nice to meet you, my name is Richard Gibs.

I'm a PHD Doctor on Economics and on the last 3 years I started to invest on bitcoin and in otehr crypto currencies. Plus, I'm investing on different investment programs that help me increase the ammount of bitcoin I have.

I assume that exactly like you now, when I started it was very hard to get information and details about the coin and how to trade with it.

Everybody claim something else and suddenly everyone became a "Bitcoin Expert".
Plus, I was dissapointed to find out that wasn't an organized guide that give you the "map" to the bitcoin world.

And for that reason I decided to write a book on the subject that call 
"Everything You Wanted To Know About Bitcoin And You Didn't Dare To Ask".
"I've Laid Out a Red Carpet For You, and All You Need To Do Is To Step on it and Learn The Secrets of the Bitcoin Trading"

Here Is Everything 
That You Going To Get On The Book:
"Everything You Wanted To Know About Bitcoin And You Didn't Dare To Ask"

  •  How You Can Get Bitcoin On The Most Efficient Way.
  •  How You Can Take Advantage Of The Panic For "Digital Gold" And Start Earning Bitcoin?
  • What Is "Digital Wallet" And How To Use It?
  •  Why Is The Dollar Is Going To Crush And Become Worthless
  •  How To Purchase Your First Bitcoin
  •  How To Avoid Scams And Crooks.
  •  Detailed Explanation On What is Bitcoin And The Different Cryptocurrencies
  •  How To Make The Most Possible Money From The Right And Secure Investment.
  •  How To Take Advantage Of The Fact That The Bitcoin Is Very "Liquid"
  •  (Unlike Every Other Investment Today)

Here Is Just A Little Part 
Of What The Book Readers Say:

This is Merrick from Eau Claire, WI:
How is it that five minutes with your book is more useful and more powerful and more straight to the point than an HOUR having someone at a bank babble at you?
I didn’t have thousands of dollars to spend, but I really understand now how important it is to have SOMETHING in the game. That’s where the wealth is created, and I’m convinced this is the best place to spread it.
After a few months, I’ve made about four times my initial investment – I’m not a millionaire but I can pay my bills, take some sick days, and reinvest with confidence that I know what I’m doing. You’ve given me a taste of freedom so thanks, sir.

Ted from Bridgeport, CT:

My dad told me about your course and I decided I HAD to give your Bitcoin Code a shot for both our sakes. When I started, I treated it like going to Vegas – nothing you can’t afford to lose, and an opportunity to learn something new.
It only took me three weeks to turn my small investment in some small coins – basically the size of penny stocks – into a huge bounty! Now I have a new problem, my capital gains tax alone is more than my yearly salary and I don’t have a good accountant for that.

It's Not To Late To Join The Revolution!

You saw yourself how much this information can help you in your life.

And now it's your turn to upgrade your life quality with the right knowledge about the bitcoin, right?

"OK Richard! I Understand That Your Book About The Bitcoin Can Help Me Leverage My Money On The Right And Smart Way. What Exactly I Will Get After I Purchased The Book Now?"

The Book: "The Bitcoin Secrets Revealed".
Here Are The Book Chapters:
  •  Chapter 1 - Welcome To The Future: The Future Is Here And You Can't Avoid It, We Investing This AMAZING Phenomenon The Make The World Go Mad.
  • Chapter 2 - How The Bitcoin Works: In A Simple Language I Explain The Method Behind The Revolutionary Coin.
  • Chapter 3 - Understand The Past So You Can Move One To The Future: In Order To Fully Understand The Size Of Buzz That The Bitcoin Created, I Will Explain The Roots And The Sources Of The Coin.
  •  Chapter 4 - List Of The New Millionaires That Got Rich With The Coin.
  •  Chapter 5 - Detailed Explanation Of The World Of Bitcoin Wallets.
  •  Chapter 6 - Your First Bitcoin: After You Know Bitcoin And Understand Why He Is different From The Regualr Money In Your Wallet, It's The Time To Get To The Real Thing And Finally But Your First Bitcoin (Or Part Of It).
  •  Chapter 7 - Say Goodbye To The Dollar. I Know It's Might Sounds Surprising or Weird, But You Cannot Ignore Reality.
  •  Chapter 8 - List Of Recommended Resources: Full List Of All The Websites And Resources That Mentioned On The Book.


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You can ignore massive deregulation, out of control inflation and printing from the Federal Reserve, gridlock inside the capital, and the massive debt the United States owes to Japan and China…

You can imagine that the temporary run of irrational exuberance our stock market is showing will last forever.
You can drive by the strip malls and retail shops shrinking and closing around America and pretend that they’ll have NO impact on the economy.

You can hope the day of FINANCIAL DOOMSDAY where the gates of investment and technological advancement slam shut on people who don’t have six figures to invest in wealth creation never comes.

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Richard Gibbs.

Got a Question?
The Book Is Digital, Right?
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100% Yes.
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I'm Pretty Understand In Bitcoin, Will The Book Tell Me Something New?
Like I Learned, as long as I will know more, I will earn more. I read over 100 books that relate to bitcoin and the crypto world, and the results came fast. I can say that in this book that are materials that can leverage your other investment not only on bitcoin, but in dozens of other coins.
Are there any monthly fees for "Bitcoin Code"
No, there are absolutely no monthly fees, this is strictly a one-time purchase.

Do you provide support?
Yes, we provide full support for "Bitcoin Code", money management strategy and consulting.

How much money do I need to start trading?
You can start with as little as $20, there are very cheap currencies on the market and HUGE opportunities to be taken.
How do I get the product?
Instant Download. No waiting.
“I like the idea of investing in these currencies, but I’m not sure it’s for me. I really do NOT have a lot of money to spend, I have a day job, I have my own bills, and I don’t have a lot of free time to study like it’s a college course. Should I still be thinking about this?”

Absolutely. Listen, if you’re in this position, the book was DESIGNED for you.
This course is not filled with economics talk. I am a professional Economist, but everything that I've said over the last half-hour has been in plain English and this method is created in the same way.
We crafted this especially for working class, middle aged people who don’t know a lot about cryptocurrency and need to be brought up to speed, need to get around the technical hassles and hurdles, and need to turn the few bucks they’ve got left after they paid their bills into real assets.
That is why our clients (and that means you, hopefully) have been seeing great success with this book.

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